Canada is Now the Second Most Attractive Country in the World for Venture Capital

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In 2008, Canada was considered the third most attractive country in the world for venture capital and private equity based on the Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index.

In 2012, this index has been updated and Canada now ranks second.

Our country has improved in multiple areas, according to the index.

In 2008, Canada ranked 48th in the world for economic activity related to venture capitalism; since then, we have climbed an impressive 26 spots to rank a much more respectable 22nd.

Our depth of capital market has also improved, climbing from third to second.

Canada's official VCPE value score is 96.8, which is an average of myriad factors includong economic activity (94.1) and taxation (103.2).

The US ranks first, as it did in 2008, with a score of 100. We bumped the United Kingdom, whose 2012 score is 95.1, to third, while Japan remained in fourth and Singapore climbed to fifth.

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