Canada Needs a Social Rental Site

Have you heard of Rent Wiki? Launching in January of this year, it's a social way to find your ideal neighbourhood to live in. I’ve never heard of the site, possibly because it hasn’t come to Canada yet, but I really like it. It’s an online community for finding and reviewing property like apartment rentals, as well as neighbourhoods and nearby cities: It's all based on user generated recommendations, reviews and experiences. Just like with other social communities, you can create a profile and then search or review neighbourhoods, apartments and properties that you’ve lived in. (So much better than driving around and scribbling down the phone numbers of each place!) The best part is that you can see each listing in each neighbourhood on a map, with a photo, a range of possible units to rent (bedrooms and amenities), the price of the units AND you can even check for availability by sending an email with your contact information. As well, the neighbourhood, the city and nearby cities are also reviewed.

Check out their blog to read more about them and some new services like their new Twitter integration.

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Victoria Revay

Victoria Revay

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