Canada One of Three Countries in World Where IKEA Launches New Mobile App

Retailers may have shoved mobile aside in Canada for the most part, but it is becoming increasing clear that consumers will have none of that.

IKEA is the latest major retailer to launch a mobile app known as “IKEA on the Go” in Canada after finding out that 10% of their traffic was via mobile—without even having an app.

The president of IKEA Canada, Kerri Molinaro, says that is an annual increase of 250%. experienced the same kind of mobile traffic increase prior to their virtual store and mobile app launch campaign last month that received national media attention. Their marketing campaign seems to have worked too: Alexa rankings indicate that has jumped from about the 700th most trafficked site in Canada to 600th during the month-long campaign.

Techvibes’ Knowlton Thomas reported that Canada is two years behind when it comes to retail technology compared to the United States. But consumers see the web, smartphones, and tablets all as one online experience. That’s not as separate silos as marketers have always been taught to view things as per medium. The latter has been mentioned at a variety of conferences and information nights in Toronto in the past year.

IKEA’s mobile shopping application will enable customers to browse IKEA’s product range, check product information, and stock availability. The app will also allow the creation of a shopping list that includes product location for pickup within the store. Customers will also be able to access a map, which is great because IKEA is a time-consuming maze of a shopping experience.

The app is also complimented by a mobile friendly website. IKEA Canada President Molinaro also says, “We recognize that smartphones are changing consumer behaviour and our customers are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to get the information they need.”

IKEA is in 40 countries worldwide, but Canada is just one of three countries worldwide that gets to try out the “IKEA on the go” app first. It’s also in both English and French and available on the iPhone or Android. You can find out information on how to download it here.

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Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe

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