Canada ranks third worldwide when it comes to professional happiness, LinkedIn says

by Knowlton Thomas | Research

LinkedIn recently released data about global professionals’ career ambitions and satisfaction with their current jobs.

Research revealed that 69% of Canadian professionals are either happy or very happy with their current job, the third highest in the world. The global average is 63%. Those in the Netherands are most happy (80%) and in Japan, they are least happy (31%).

“A tough economy can make professionals appreciate facets of their job they might otherwise overlook when business is booming,” said Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s Connection Director. “Perhaps you didn’t get the raise you wanted this year, but you are appreciative of an amazing supportive manager who keeps an eye out for opportunities that will help you grow in your career.”

53% of Canadian professionals believe they have a good opportunity to advance in the workplace, the sixth highest in the world. The global average is 52%. Brazilians are the most optimistic (63%) and Spaniards are the least (44%).

In Canada the top career ambitions for professionals are getting promotions and retiring early, but many Canadians stated they're "happy where I am."

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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