Canada’s First Data Marketing Conference a Success

by Suzanne Huber

The Data Marketing Conference is taking place this week in Toronto. The event makes its first Canadian debut after the organizers have successfully hosted similar events in France.

The well-attended event with its stacked lineup of speakers from notable companies offered a lot of information about the future of marketing, developing channel strategies, the uses of different analytics dashboards, the values of GIS and Location Economics for campaign effectiveness, Measuring ROI for Social Media and what agencies are doing to anticipate the future for media buying for clients. There were speakers and executives from companies such as Twitter, Oracle, IBM, Harbinger, Vision 7 (Cossette), Microsoft Canada, SAS and more. The tradeshow area was busy with brands engaging attendees. Kijiji Advertising was giving away lattes at their booth and Oracle-Eloqua was giving away water bottles with a fruity drink inside.

Audience members got to listen to the strategies of global brands with big budgets and how they are navigating through the social space and who they are conversing with. A look into analytics dashboards and learning how to find your own KPI’s based on conversions measuring the right variables to help you make decisions and take action as an organization. Panel discussions circulated around whether to do your own in house or hire a service provider who then owns your data.

The word thrown around a lot throughout the conference was "Big Data" and everyone seemed to have their own opinion on that topic. Challenges were also made to the existing models of measuring ROI on marketing effectiveness and the current way to measure social media metrics. Session attendees got to learn how different agencies develop their channel strategies and shared their insights giving the step by step of their process to win household brand name clients.

Ann Cavoukin, PhD, who works for the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario gave a keynote on the importance of being proactive with privacy policies. Her research has become the international standard from privacy commissioners around the globe.

Head of Twitter Canada Kirstine Stewart showed how Canadians engage with the 140 character social site and discussed the future of the organization and revenue opportunities from utilizing real time communication and pairing it with other channel strategies to enhance the ROI of marketing campaigns on other platforms such as television.

For its inaugural first year the conference has been a huge success so far. If you work in data marketing or are a marketer in general, they are pulling in top notch speakers that work with international brands to share their theories and strategies with you. It was an educational day and the event is worth attending next year if you were unable to make it.

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Suzanne Huber

Suzanne Huber

Suzanne started her career by launching a software company that offered real-time flight information and digital advertising to hotels. In just over a year the company grew throughout Canada and into the US. Clients included Westin Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels the Pan Pacific in Vancouver and many others. Since then Suzanne has advanced marketing and technical expertise and has been... more

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