Canadian-born startup Echoecho goes global asking the question, 'Where are you?'

echoechoIt's not Foursquare or Facebook Places. But it does echo the idea.

Echoecho Mobile is a startup that asks the question, "Where are you?" and lets you answer it with one simple click.

The Vancouver-born app is supported by all smartphone platforms (including Windows Mobile and Nokia) and is founded on simplicity.

"There are no profiles to create, there are no preferences or privacy settings to worry about," co-founder Remy Kozak explains. "Somebody wants to know where you are, they ask. If you want to tell them, click the button."

This unique approach to location sharing means you only let people know where you are in relevant scenarios and at your discretion. The great thing is, this added privacy and power of choice doesn't sacrifice ease of use.

Echoecho was partially self-funded from profits reaped from an award-winning documentary (Shadow Company) that Remy and co-founder Nick Bicanic produced years ago in Vancouver. Echoecho has received greater investment interest from the U.S., where Nick is currently based, but Remy is continuing to push for Canadian investments.

Echoecho is used in well over 100 countries, despite being available only in English.

Echoecho Mobile Ltd.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Echoecho is the fastest and simplest way to ask and answer the question "Where are you?" The company's cornerstone product is an open API, location sharing system that runs on all leading smartphone platforms - Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile. Echoecho solves a real, immediate and recurring problem for consumers and by offering an open API to third parties, echoecho... more

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