Canadian Entrepreneur's Mobile App a Finalist at International Startup Festival… But is it a Scam?

Tawkon is a mobile app built by an Israeli company of the name same founded by Toronto entrepreneur Gil Friedlander.

Gil returned from Tel Aviv to Canada recently, where his company was selected as a finalist by the International Startup Festival in Montréal.

“Being selected as a finalist at the International Startup Festival in Montréal is a real honor and especially significant due to the remarkably high number of downloads and interaction of the tawkon app in Canada,” said Gil Friedlander, co-founder and CEO of Tawkon. “Returning to Canada where I was born and educated at McGill [University] is always a great thrill."

As seen in the video below, Tawkon suggests that cellphone radiation exposure can cause tangible harm to one's health. However, this has still not been scientifically proven, which has created skeptics of the app.


For example, a top comment reads, "it is physically impossible for the radio waves emitted by your phone to cause cancer. It's really as simple as that." The commenter, F1nger, adds pointedly that "this company is lying to you because they want your money. Do not fall for it."

While there are numerous articles strewn across the web that try to link cellphones to lower sperm counts, weaker bones, and other health issues (many of which Tawkon links to on its site), The World Health Organization's current stance is that cellphone radiation exposure is far too low to trigger any negative health effects. Tawkon then, in essence, operates on the assumption damage may be done that no one is yet aware of.

Of course, we're all aware of the old adage, "better safe than sorry."


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