Canadian Professor with Digital Eye Glass Allegedly Assaulted in Parisian McDonald's

by Stephen Christensen

Dr. Steve Mann, a professor at the University of Toronto, was on vacation in Paris with his family when things got a little out of hand.  Dr. Mann has been wearing what is know as the EyeTap Eye Glass to enhance his vision for the last 13 years (think a more practical Google Glasses). 

According to Dr. Mann, three McDonald’s employees took issue with his wearing the apparatus, and tried to forcibly remove it.  The problem is, the apparatus is actually afixed to Dr. Mann’s skull—making this no easy, or safe, task.

When presented with a medical note from his doctor, one of the three assailants tore it up, and Dr. Mann was then forcibly ejected from the restaurant.  Serendipitously, the assault caused his device to buffer previous images, enabling crisp photos of all perpetrators.  Despite this evidence, according to a post on his blog, neither the American consulate, French police, nor McDonald’s staff are willing to help.

McDonald’s has commented on the incident.

“We share the concern regarding Dr. Mann's account about his July 1 visit to a Paris McDonald's. A thorough investigation continues and we are still working to gather the facts. As part of that process, the McDonald's France team has made several attempts to reach Dr. Mann directly.  While we work to learn more about this situation, it's clear to us that Dr. Mann and his family were not pleased with their visit; for that, we apologize.”

You may have heard of Dr. Mann before; describing himself as the world’s first cyborg, he has been at the forefront of “wearable technology” for over a decade.  A former grad of McMaster University and M.I.T., he has invented some amazing interface technology, including EyeTap Personal Imaging, the Telepointer, and the Hydraulophone.  You can visit his blog here.

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Stephen Christensen

Stephen Christensen

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