Canadian Startup Closes $500,000 Seed Round

Techvibes has learned that Canadian startup 2Dots closed $500,000 from an unnamed angel investor this week for its Yworld project.

Yworld, which just launched an invite-only alpha, is a next-generation collaborative network for professionals.

Built from the ground up on HTML5, YWorld is "both a platform for serious creative connectivity and a social interactive tool built around a proprietary algorithm that sorts news and content, rewarding credibility within one's field," according to the company.

Yworld was founded by Rahul Singh and Kehar Gill in Vancouver. In an interview with KillerStartups, the duo explained their vision for the site.

"We found a little bit of a gap with all of this social networking that people are talking about," Rahul said, "and we wanted to fill that gap by bringing our platform where people can actually communicate and collaborate together and build a portfolio."


A demo video explaining the basics of Yworld.


"What we’ve created here is a modern-day technology for professionals to be able to collaborate, integrate, and communicate with one another," Kehar adds. "What it does is allow people to take their business portfolio projects virtually anywhere they want over the system."

YWorld indexes networks based on expertise, allowing niche groups to keep in touch and stay on top of important industry news. Permeating the entire network is a groundbreaking ranking system that has been designed to filter the noise that has long been a stigma to current platforms. When YWorld users explore the site, they'll find relevant information to their fields, whether they are students or well settled professionals. Yet unlike some sites that simply promote popularity, YWorld emphasises two more substantial metrics: influence and prestige. We rank both content and contributions, so frequence commentators do not dominate a field.

Kehar and Rahul attended the University of Alberta together. Rahul for computer science, Kehar for general science. Now they run a startup with nearly 20 people, including 13 developers, who range in age from 17 years old to 67 years young. 

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Yworld is the collaborative network for professionals. more

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