Canadian Startup Lets You Search Content Across All Your Social Networks

When it comes to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you don't need more friends, you need less noise.

How do you find a Tweet that was posted last year? Where is that article about Hawaii that everyone was commenting on last month?

Search is one of the weakest features today on most social networks. And that's exactly the problem that Dapple was created to solve.

Search engines are not allowed access to private social media content which is primarily kept inside of walled gardens. This creates a huge blind spot to the vast and growing sea of content being produced every day. This content, consisting of posts, photos, videos, and check-ins is valuable because it was produced by us, our friends and our networks.

Dapple solves this with a powerful and easy-to-use social search engine that can access multiple private social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all at once.

Dapple has just opened registration for an initial beta launch. It's a functional prototype (and they're working on iOS and Android apps) but they still have work to do and are hoping to get people using the site and providing feedback.

Dapple is a product of Vancouver's TradableBits, a platform for Facebook applications with over 24 Million monthly active users. TradableBits was co-founded by Darshan Kaler and Dmitry Khrisanov and is a profitable, self-funded startup.

Tradable Bits Media Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Tradable Bits award winning Identity Management and Marketing Automation Platform that helps businesses in entertainment, sports, tourism, retail and events connect with their customers. Our platform helps you discover your fans’ interests and friends, empower your influencers to sell for you, significantly improve return on investment of social ads and more! Social media is integral to... more

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Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

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