Canadian Startup WedOverHeels is a Social Network for Weddings

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Unfortunately, non-married people and already-married people generally don't care too much about your upcoming wedding.

Sure, they'll attend, and most will probably have a great time. But very few of them, if any, want to hear about it for months and months leading up to the big day. And even fewer of them are likely interested in helping. (You're be better off with professional help anyway—weddings are complicated.)

This is where a startup like Vancouver-based WedOverHeels comes in. It's a social network exclusively for weddings. Sounds terribly dull to most—but perfectly awesome to those the startup is targeting, like engaged couples who need a lending hand but don't know where to start.

"WedOverHeels is a discovery platform and more," cofounder Mike Benson explained to The Other Angle. "Couples and pros can search photos and videos by location, keyword, seasons and colors. Unlike other inspiration sites, everything on WedOverheels is automatically credited and linked directly back to the photographer or vendors who took part in the shoot. Couples can collect photos and videos in their Keepers, follow other members and ask the community questions through their blog."

The company was founded by Mike and Bean Benson (surprise, they're married!) and went online at the start of October. The founders argue that WedOverHeels is better than a broad social network such as Facebook because "brides don't want to fill their personal streams" with wedding crap. Truth.

Photo-based Pinterest may be a more relevant potential competitor—WedOverHeels acknowledges that it is the best place for inspiration—but Mike says the site is "noisy with poor attribution and zero context." WedOverHeels offers a platform to discover, connect, and interact with local pros. Pinterest, obviously, does not.

The scrappy startup is convinced it's better than its competitors, even the ones with tens of millions of dollars of funding in their pockets. Sounds lofty, but that's how a lot of success stories begin.

More than just a website, WedOverHeels is a bootstrapped labour of love for Mike and Bean. "We have two young children and worked for years on this business pre-launch without making a dime," Mike says. "We have suffered personal setbacks that would have crippled other entrepreneurs, but through it all we have persevered and we are extremely proud of the result."

So we hope this Canadian startup succeeds, although we're well aware that the rate of success for startups is far worse than the rate of marriage divorces in Canada. Either way, three cheers to keeping wedding stuff off our Twitter streams.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

WedOverHeels is a social network for weddings where couples can find inspiration and connect with local vendors. We just launched Sept 24, 2012 to rave reviews from our early users. We offer many public, free ways for wedding pros to gain exposure such as photo sharing, a directory ordered by most active member, positive-only reviews and our social blogs. Our profiles use fullscreen images for... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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