The New Alcohol: Texting Makes Canadians Brave and Flirty

Turns out Canadians lean on social media and smartphones to indulge in romance and other sexually charged activities pretty often these days.

A quarter of young Canadians make their first move on a potential lover by adding them to Facebook, according to a new Virgin Mobile Canada survey, while 40% say that texting has improved their love life.

The survey, which was conducted by Leger Marketing, reveals that texting has become a social phenomenon with its own unique habits and etiquette. Most Canadians agree a quick response to a text means someone is interested in them, for example. And the actvity is ubiquitious, with the number one place for sending steamy messages being the office. 

Texting can also be considered as the new "liquid courage." According to the data, texting makes 45% of Canadians braver and 41% of them flirtier. (This is why you don't drink and text!)

"The facts are in. Whether it's sultry or sweet, daters love to have good text in their life," said Andrew Bridge, managing director of Virgin Mobile Canada. "Today, people are agonizing over what to type, not what to say. More than a third of Canadians first ask someone out via text and one-quarter of Canadians do it via Facebook. And, almost half of Canadians will send a text to their crush after a first date. How we date is changing as more and more people go mobile. Daters are just more comfortable making those first few moves with the right steamy text!"

Here's how to "give good text" according to Virgin.

1. Grammar does matter. The number one texting turnoff is bad spelling or grammar when texting with potential dates.

2. Canadians want personality with that text. Texts lacking personality ranked as one of the top texting turnoffs.

3. Half of girls surveyed shared that a slow response time will get men nowhere because an immediate response to a text screams "very interested." Forget the old wait-three-days rule of phone calls; it's a new age.

4. Thinking of calling your potential date? Try adding them on Facebook first; it's what most prefer.

Virgin Mobile
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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