Canadian Uses Crowdfunding Platform to Raise $650,000 for Severely Bullied Woman

A 68-year-old female bus monitor in Greece, New York was minding her own business when four 13-year-olds began a vicious, 10-minute verbal attack on her for no reason (warning: NSFW language and this truly is one of the most appalling videos you will ever watch).

Karen Klein was called "fat," "ugly," and a "troll" among dozens of other profanity-soaked insults while she sat in her bus seat, crying, defenseless, and horribly outnumbered by these wretched middle-schoolers. 

A Toronto man saw this video, which has since gone viral on YouTube, and started an Indiegogo campaign in her name. His goal was to leverage the crowdfunding platform and virality of the video to raise $5,000 for Karen—who earns just $15,000 annually—so she could go on a vacation.

In only five days, the campaign has raised $650,000.

For Karen—who decided not to press charges against the kids because "they're only 13 years old"—it is a bittersweet victory. For her, that sum of money is enough to quit her job and retire in relative luxury. But it will never heal the emotional scars those teenagers caused on that bus.

The kids have received myriad death threats, according to CBC, and are under police protection while an official investigation is underway.

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