Canadians Consuming More Digital Media – but Not at the Expense of Traditional Media

According to a new report by the CRTC, the proliferation of new platforms like tablets and smartphones is stimulating the consumption of media without hurting traditional media.  Thus, Canadians are consuming more online television, more internet radio, more news—while at the same time consuming more traditional TV and radio.

Here are some of the more interesting stats and facts we found in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's report.

• The average Canadian watched 30 minutes more television in 2011 (at 28.5 hours per week) than in 2010.

• Quebec has the lowest proportion of Netflix subscribers in Canada 4% while Alberta leads at 15%.

• The percentage of households with high speed Internet reached 54% in 2011 versus 51% in 2010. 87% of Canadians households possess a minimum high speed access of 5 Megabits per second.

• Each Internet user spends on average 2.8 hours weekly in front of online TV. 4% of Canadians watch TV only via the web.

• 38% of Canadians adults own a smartphone and 10% own a tablet.

• New entrants in Canada's telecom sector such as Wind Mobile and Mobilicity doubled their market share from 2% to 4%. New entrants in Quebec have the highest market share with 7% for the province (Videotron and Public Mobile).

• 99% of the Canadian population has access to mobile networks. 4G LTE networks were accessible to 45% of the population by the end of 2011.

• Quebec has the lowest average revenue per user at $50.36 versus Alberta which has the highest at $74.96.

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