Canadians Lead World in Web Usage: We Double the Global Average of Time Spent Online [Study]

by Louis Rheaume | Research

If only there were gold medals for being addicted to the internet. Canadians would stand atop the pedestal with pride.

According to Comscore, Internet users who spent the most time online remain the Canadians. In the company's latest Canada Digital Future in Focus report, Comscore reaffirms that Canada is still the world leader in term of online engagement. The average Canadian Internet user spends 45 hours online per month, up 1.5 hours from the end of 2010.

On a list of 11 countries, Canada is in first place, followed by the US (38.6 hours), UK (35.4 hours), and South Korea (30 hours). The two countries at the bottom of the list are China and India with 13.2 hours and 12.6 hours respectively. The average for the eleven countries is 23.8 hours per visitor per month, barely half of the Canadian average.

Canada is second in terms of the average number of webpages visited per month: 3,781 versus 4,035 for South Korea. The world average was 2,271 web pages per visitor per month, so Canada remains well ahead of most competition. In term of online logins per month, Canadians lead with an average of 98.5 logins. The US sees 85.9 logins and the UK sees 78. The global average is 54.3 logins.

These statistics are more interesting when one takes into account the fact that Canada has the lowest number of unique visitors of websites per month with 23.3 million. China is number one with 317.5 million unique visitors, followed by USA with 185.8 million. ComScore estimates that there were 1.3 billion unique visitors in the world in the fourth-quarter of 2011. 

Social networking usage in Canada is up 32% from late 2010.  45% of Canadians now have a smartphone, ComScore estimates. That is higher than Ipsos Reid recently suggested.

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Louis Rheaume

Louis Rheaume

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