TunnelBear Enables Canadians to Privately Browse the Internet as Americans

TunnelBear launched a Twitter voting campaign asking users “Where do you need a TunnelBear?” with the intention to deploy VPN servers in each country that received 200 votes. Canada shot past that mark well ahead of other countries.

“It was pretty exciting, within 72 hours, over 500 users had responded on twitter and Canada was selected as the first country.” said TunnelBear Cofounder Ryan Dochuk. “What’s interesting is that there’s little access-restricted websites in Canada, so we know TunnelBear users are getting more serious about the privacy benefits of our applications.”


An ad disguised as a parody of Canada's iconic "Hinterlands Who's Who" video.


Half a million people around the world use TunnelBear apps on their desktops, tablets, and smartphones to browse the internet more privately and also experience the internet as if they were in different countries.“It’s exciting to think about users in Canada and around the globe connecting, or virtually ‘tunnelling’, to servers based in Canada so they experience the internet privately,” added Dochuk.

Canadians have always been able to use TunnelBear, but previously they were limited to “tunnelling” to other countries such as the US or UK. Now Canadians, can get all the privacy benefits of TunnelBear applications while maintaining a faster connection due to TunnelBear’s servers being located in closer by.

TunnelBear is headquartered in Toronto.

TunnelBear Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We think the Internet is a better place when everyone can browse privately and without censorship or monitoring. Founded in 2011, our highly accoladed applications make online privacy simple, even for non-techies. The TunnelBear Team is “indigenous” to Toronto, Canada. more

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