Young Canadians Now Stream More Online Video Than Watch Television: Report

by Dan Verhaeghe

I mentioned last week the Canadian entertainment industry is losing the 18 to 35 demographic. A new report from the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing Canada confirms that the Internet is winning. According to the report, Canadians aged 18 to 39 now spend more time streaming content on computers than watching television.

The report is a surefire indication Canadian television sucks. Moreover, indie entertainment, focusing on online methods over traditional ones these days, has never had more resources at their disposal.

Telefilm, not known for supporting independent producers, launched a micro-budget production program in late June. It will support eight to 10 projects a year, has a primary focus on digital platforms, and is offering a non-repayable contribution of up to $120,000 per project. It is not nearly enough, but more Canadian entertainment initiatives shall come in the new year and beyond.

Vancouver-based startup MySceneScout allows television and film producers to find the perfect film location for the perfect shot. As people continue to list locations for potential shoots, the quality of indie entertainment could improve. Property owners upload photos of their locations, pick which days work best, get paid quickly and easily, and can manage their listings.

The CTAM Canada survey also noted that 18 to 39 year-olds view more video content as a result of access to multiple screens, such as iPads.

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Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe focuses on marketing, mobile, major technology players, entertainment, and new media. Dan has a dozen years of online experience that dates back to the turn of the millennium where he dominated a now non-existent online RPG game for a couple of years at the age of 15. He would eventually become a Toronto Blue Jays blogger who earned his way into Toronto's CP24 studios six years... more

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