20 Million Canadians Suffer from Nomophobia, Rogers Says, and This is Just the Beginning

Collins Dictionary defines nomophobia as “a state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one’s mobile phone."

According to Rogers, 65% of Canadians are afflicted.

Recently, the Toronto-based telecommunications giant released a Rogers Innovation Report. The results are downright shocking. According to Rogers, 82% of Canadian mobile device owners have used their device in the bathroom, while 55% check their phone before brushing their teeth in the morning, and 51% sleep with their device close by (up 12% from 2011).

“The mobile device has become an essential piece of a person’s life," explains Reade Barber, Rogers VP of Mobile and Fixed Internet. "That 82% of people are using their smartphone in the bathroom tells you just how important it is to stay connected.”

“Canadians, on average, have 4.5 connected devices in their household,” adds Barber. “And over the next five years, the majority of people we surveyed—about 65%—expect to have seamless connections that allow them to go room to room without missing a second of a TV show, movie or game.”

The report also shares predictions of an interesting future, as 80% of those surveyed believe more people will be using their devices to connect to the internet than computers, 67% believe most Canadians will use their phones for purchases in the next two years, and an astounding 44% believe that in the next five years, babies will be using electronics before they can walk and talk.

(It's worth noting that nomophobia, while now a real word, is not a medical term—for now. It was born as a shorthand for "no-more-phone phobia," a naming method that, refreshingly, makes more sense than most phobia terms.)


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Stephen Christensen

Stephen Christensen

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