Over Half of Canadians Will Work During Their Holiday Break This Year

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The business world may slow down for the holidays, but it never completely stops.

According to Regus, a flexible workplace provider, 53% of Canadian professionals will work during their holiday break this year. Some know they'll be stuck doing some work during the holidays, but many won't see it coming - an urgent email, last-minute teleconference request, or surprise deadline is apt to catch them off guard.

“While the main focus of this festive season should be on spending quality time with family and friends, it's still important for professionals to be ready to manage their business if the need arises,” said Wes Lenci, Vice President, Regus Canada. “However with many Canadians travelling across the country to visit family or hosting guests for an extended period of time, it can be difficult to manage work priorities when you can't get into the office.”

Lenci offers five tips to manage business before and after the holidays.

1. Get organized: Back up your computer and de-clutter your inbox now. Getting your online files organized before the holiday break ensures you have a clean slate for the new year and will also help you locate important emails and documents quickly if having to work remotely.

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2. Plan your week: If you’re under deadline to complete more than one project before the new year, work on projects now that involve team member collaboration. Many people will be hard to reach over the holiday break. Work on those projects that you can complete on your own while out of the office.

3. Have coverage for an unexpected event: Start communicating now with your colleagues and team members regarding the holiday schedule and any pending work. Make sure some staff are available should an emergency arise.

4. Benefit from pay-as-you-go services: Need to jump on an unexpected teleconference with clients based overseas? Or need a last-minute document copied and bound? Business centres video conferencing technology as well as on-call administrative services including printing and copying, scanning, and data entry. Such services will ensure you get the job done well and on-time regardless of where you are on holiday.

5. Reduce family and friend distractions: Whether you're a guest or hosting family and friends this holiday, you may need time away from family in order to deal with pertinent work-related issues. By dropping into a flexible workplace provider, you can get away from the festivities to concentrate on work. Your time will be better spent working in a professional environment with all the necessary equipment and IT support.

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