Canadian Workers Ahead of Curve When it Comes to Working from Wherever They Want

More and more employees are choosing when and where they work, a new study has found. According to virtual office staffing agency Intelligent Office, up to 70% of employees in North America now work from alternate locations on a "regular basis."

Intelligent Office surveyed workers in the US and Canada. It's interesting to note that Canadians are ahead of the curve when compared to their American counterparts. The data suggests 47% of Canadians who work in alternative locations do so at least once per week, while that applies to just 22% of Americans.

According to the report, 29% of employees use libraries, hotels, and restaurants as alternative workspaces. The favourite spot, however, remains coffee shops.

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“This survey further identifies that today’s workers are continuing to shift towards a more personal and custom work style,” said Tom Camplese, Chief Operating Officer, Intelligent Office. “We are continuing to find that to maintain productivity while increasing mobility, a new breed of worker is conducting business on the go, and wants to be able to work more independently, from anywhere and at any time.”

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