Chronicles of the Moneymen authored by Vancouverite

by Rob Lewis | Startups

Vancouver's tech startup community has a budding author in its ranks. Tagga CEO and sometimes Techvibes contributor Amielle Lake has written a book about investment bankers that likens them to big-game hunters titled The Elephant Hunters - Chronicles Of The Moneymen.

Just plain greedy? Intrinsically corrupt? Or victims of the greatest game on earth, that of making money? The Elephant Hunters penetrates the secret world of big deals and investment banking. Exposed is the psyche and activities of one of the most powerful sects, financiers. This book uncovers how the male and female hunters of the big deal progress from 'grab all for me' to remolding whole societies and having politicians as their mouth piece.

Considering this past Fall's bank bail-out fiasco, Lake's book launch timing couldn't be better. Interested in learning more about the title before picking up your own copy - have a listen to an interview with one of the authors.

And stay tuned for details on a book launch party scheduled for February 26th.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

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