Connecting our Community, One Photo at a Time

by Nicole Sorochan

On December 4th photographers from around the world will grab a camera, find people in need, and take their picture.  Help-Portrait  founded by Celebrity Photographer Jeremy Cowart; is a community of photographers, coming together across the world to use their photography skills to give back to their local community.

Founder of Oprius Software in Victoria, Alan Smith, may be a seasoned entrepreneur by day, but what he really loves doing is taking photos of people. His love for photography motivated him to organize the Help-Portrait Victoria chapter – an event that the community has embraced with open arms.

The free event aims to provide professional portraits and career photos for those who cannot afford this type of service; moreover, it’s about honoring people and making them feel good and pampered for a day.  You can come down to Relish Café between 9-5 on December 4th, and take part in our event. Fish Hair Salon is offering free hair styling and portraits will be taken free of charge by some of Victoria’s best photographers including Smith himself. Your portrait will be printed on the spot for you to take home as a 4X6, an 8 X10. You will also be provided with a digital copy of your portrait on DVD to share or print yourself at a later date. 

“It’s really nice to see the community get together for such a great cause. Everyone has been so gracious in assisting, and we can’t wait to see the smiles and happiness we can bring to people.  That’s what this is really about- using our combined skills to make people feel happy and appreciated,” says Smith.  To get an idea of what to expect, here is a video of the Help-Portrait event in Chicago last year.

How can you get involved?  You can join the Help-Portrait Victoria group here to get involved. (Hint: they are in need of make-up artists). Most importantly, they need people to spread the message families, youth, adults; anyone who wants a professional portrait can come down to the event.  Please spread the word to groups, organizations and individuals who may know people who would like to have their picture taken.

Christmas should be about community and what Smith is most excited for is the motivation behind this event; “It’s about GIVING the pictures, not taking them. These portraits are not for our portfolio, website, or for sale. Money isn’t involved here. This holiday season, we want to give families something they may have never had before—a portrait together.”

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Nicole Sorochan

Nicole Sorochan

Nicole is the visionary behind EnviroSpeak Media, a socially focused company that builds web tools for environmental change. She co-founded One Net Marketing, an online agency, that specializes in SEO,  social strategy, and online media campaigns. Nicole has 8 years of social marketing and interactive web platform development for companies all over North America. In addition, Nicole is an... more

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