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by Jonathon Narvey | Startups

Are you a visual sort of person? Into mindmaps? Looking for a more intuitive way to view your relationships, from your social networks the categories on your business website? Then I think you're going to like Constellation Custom, a new app from Vancouver tech startup Asterisq.

To show you what it does, here's a screenshot of my own Twitter mention map for my copywriting company profile

constellation image

Neat, eh? Here's how it works embedded in a website to make it easy to browse through categories of content:

constellation asterisq

Pretty cool, eh? And it can pull in thousands of nodes of data, so it's pretty scalable.

I got to talk with Business Development and Operations manager John Gray about where they're headed. The venture is a partnership between Gray, Asterisq founder Daniel McLaren and Travis Cote. "We have a global client base, and have our hands in a variety of verticals including financial services, advertising and marketing agencies, government and NGO's and communications. We're playing with the notion of 'delivering visual intelligence'. It's about exploring & engaging data - seeing connections & relationships in a different context and in a more meaningful way."

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Asterisq builds interactive graph visualizations for web apps. more

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Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey is a Vancouver-based freelance journalist, website copywriter and author. He is the founder of WRITEIMAGE, a website copywriting services company. Jonathon grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. While he remains proud of his prairie roots, he moved to the west coast of Canada soon after beginning a career as a writer. Mostly, he writes about politics, current events and life in... more

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