Consumers are adopting new technology so quick retailers can't keep up

by Kole McRae

Today IBM Canada released the results of an annual study that takes a look at shopping trends and the adoption of new technology. The survey was done on tens of thousands of people around the world including over 2,000 Canadians.

According to a press release on the subject the quintessential Canadian shopper is a woman who is frugal but optimistic about her income. She is influenced more by family and friends’ opinions than retailers; and she regularly shops for more than people in her household such as her parents or other family members.

Not only this, the number of Canadians willing to use mobile technologies to shop increased by 160 per cent year-to-year, second only to the US in uptake. This means we are using

What’s most interesting though is what Canadians want from their retailers. Canadians want a seamless experience. They want to be able to check prices no matter where they are, get promotions on the items they scan and more. Not only that: “Consumers want a personalized shopping experience and will spend more and be more loyal to retailers who offer them quality, service and promotions on items they regularly buy and remember things such as their preferred payment methods.”

John Dawkins, IBM’s Canadian retail sector lead’s opinion on Canada is that we are finally embracing technology:

“It would appear Canadians’ conservative attitude toward adopting new consumer technologies is changing rapidly to the point that consumers are ahead of retailers, Wider access to bandwidth at lower rates, an increase in the number of Canadian wireless service providers, adoption of social media and a comparatively faster economic recovery are driving the emergence of a more complex, competitive and sophisticated shopper.”

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Kole McRae

Kole McRae

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