DemoCamp Halifax Brings Start-Ups and Investors Together

DemoCampHFXDemoCamp Halifax was a huge success.  Presented by Titanfile (previous articles here and here), the event sold out quickly.  The event filled a hole in the Atlantic tech community, bringing investors and local start-ups together in one room.  The pitches were separated by guest speakers; established local business-people presenting on their start-up experiences.

Former-Olympian/current business-woman Julia Rivard was a Keynote speaker, discussing how her drive to succeed in sports lead to tough business chops.  Her company, Sheepdog Inc. is Google’s top Canadian partner for Google Document migration.  Julia has been/is involved with many ventures, including Norex and DynamicHosting.

The latter part of the event featured Monica Goyle, creater of, as keynote speaker.  Entitled “Bootstrapping Your Company”, Monica discussed focus and budget; how some ideas are not easy to secure funding for, and therefore personal drive needs to come before income.  Drawing on years of first-hand experience with start-up companies, Monica suggested that development should start regardless of funding, and that a prototype can then be easier to fund than ideas.


Pixelbang (Nick Budden) – Pixelbang is an amateur sports video site, featuring simple user submission, so that independent videos can be uploaded by the community.

GistOf (Sreejata Catterjee) – GistOf is a leads and contacts search engine for companies.  Featuring geo-targeted real-time results, users are able to see results cumulated from many sources (Twitter, ___, ___, etc.).

Yellowee (Amber Quartermain) – Providing business reviews, keyword searching, and site statistics, Yellowee allows businesses to provide their information to prospective customers in an efficient way.  Yellowee also lets business respond to reviewers, addressing their concerns and getting advice on improving their experience.  An iPhone app should be available soon.

PitchPerfect (Kyle Racki of Headspace Design) – PitchPerfect helps users with all aspects of creating and managing product or service pitches.  PitchPerfect allows businesses to create custom pitch proposals, and includes win, loss, and expense tracking and statistics.

SXPD (Duke Mighten) – SXPD is a novel concept; a comic book/game hybrid.  Created for immersive interaction on mobile platforms, the ~48-page comic book will contain 4-5 game sections.  Intended to be a series, the reader is awarded points for reading the text segments.  These points can then be used to upgrade vehicles and weapons in the game segments.

Compilr (Tim Speed) – Compilr is a browser-based interactive development environment (IDE).  Supporting a variety of programming languages, Compilr allows users to write, compile, and run their code.  Go here for previous coverage of Compilr.

Equals6 (Andy Osbourne) – Equals6 is a professional social network for student.  As Facebook is too social a network and LinkedIn does not meet the needs of students with little business experience, Equals6 allows students to build their professional profile while networking with business professionals.  The relationships created by Equals6 should then be portable to the business community when graduated and looking for employment.

SimplyCast (Saeed El-Darahali) – SimplyCast is an all-in-one business marketing tool.  Starting out a little over two years ago, SimplyCast have grown their services to include everything from website to social media management.

2nd Act Innovations/4Sight (Peter Hickey) – Searching for files and data loses companies thousands of dollars per year… per employee.  4Sight uses state-of-the-art organization and indexing tools to make large amounts of data searchable.

Brightseeds (Ben Stawitz) – A young entrepreneur himself, Ben found it difficult to meet other entrepreneurs to network and share ideas, knowledge, and experience.  Brightseeds was founded in response to this need; a social network for Atlantic Canadian Youth Entrepreneurs ages 18-35.

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