Differences Between Men and Women with Today's Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Men and women may be from the same species, but they don't share many other similarities. Technology has been no exception, according to new research released in Rogers' latest Innovation Report. Among the findings are key differences between how men and women use technology. According to Rogers, "women are better communicators in the digital realm."

Two-thirds of women "can't imagine their lives without tech," compared with just half of men. And 56% of women believe that staying connected with technology is "essential to their well-being," compared with just 39% of men. How many people would feel "out of touch" if they didn't have technology? 71% of women but just 53% of men. 

Rogers says that there is one thing both genders agree with—prompt texting responses. Nearly one-third of both genders get irritated if someone doesn't respond to a text within an hour—talk about demanding! Check out these stats and ton more in the infographic below.

"There's no question that technology is transforming our lives. Canadians tell us that with all the communication options that technology now provides, it's making their lives easier and relationships better," said Robert Switzman, Rogers Senior Director, Convergence.  "From making plans for dinner to checking in with the kids, staying connected to their loved ones is a top priority for Canadians."

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