Disruptive Media Publishers lets you customize your gaming experience in some very sexy ways

by Knowlton Thomas

When most users, myself included, turn on their PS3, they are greeted by a generic menu screen with abstract swirling colours and sparkles. It's a neat novelty for a while. But wallpaper-esque customization would be nice.

If you like curvy, suntanned beach models with gargantuan plastic breasts pushing the tension of their bikini strings to almost-breaking point - or, alternatively, a small cluster of exceptionally dull and slow-moving fish - then you may be interested in what Disruptive Media Publishers is up to.

ps3 theme

Who are they?

Disruptive Media Publishers, according to themselves, are an officially licensed content provider for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3 gaming consoles. As opposed to publishing video games, however, they cover the non-game entertainment and multimedia space: static and customization content.

What do they do?

Disruptive Publishers functions as an end-to-end design and publishing studio for integrating IP into connected gaming platforms as "high-impact, AAA quality customization content." As the self-proclaimed "only studio uniquely focused solely on digital content outside of the traditional gaming space," DP aims to create new revenue streams for brands and business unit while also driving organic awareness in the online platforms where today's gamers live and play.

What's so great about 'em?

For starters, they have literally dozens of scantily clad women with expensive boob jobs smiling amorously at you - even cartoon ones!

But really, they do more than theme wallpapers (though their impressively expansive library is apt to dazzle you), and they're admirably dedicated to what they do.

I will leave you with their "dynamic" Sorority Island Girls demo, where you can "escape to an island paradise and watch ... the soft ocean waves gently lap against the hot bodies of the DP sorority girls."

Amen, DP.

Our Picks:

As proud Canadians, we were drawn to the "Hockey Hottie," though we suspect she's never actually played with a stick and puck. Now, things that rhyme with stick and puck, on the other hand...

The "Farmer's Daughter" was also an impressive candidate. Probably never rode a tractor, but I'll wager she's at least played Farmville.

"Golden Retrevier" is another captivating choice. This heartwarming dog plays gleefully in nature, delighting the gamer's soul.

Disruptive Media Publishers
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Disruptive Media Publishers (DP) is a leading design studio focused exclusively on licensed personalization content (user interface themes & avatar virtual goods) for today’s leading online game platforms. more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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