Disternet wants to personalize your mobile media

by Warren Frey | Technology

In a nondescript office at Airport Executive Park in Richmond, Vancouver, one small company is looking to shape the future of mobile media.

Disternet, headed by CEO Fay Arjomandi, is planning for the day when cell phones don’t just hold your music collection but also open up your phone to the world’s media in real time. And Arjomandi doesn’t just want to stream video to your phone, she wants to personalize that content specifically to you.In fact, the company has created software prototypes that assist telecom companies to accomodate personalized content and customization.

While Disternet has yet to make a profit, it comes with a decent pedigree. Arjomandi founded L3 and Mobidia before starting up Disternet, which boasts an advisory board including execs from Cisco and Telus.

But even with an impressive resume, competition in the mobile space is heating up like never before. Everyone acknowledges that not only is mobile THE destination platform for development (after all, it’s the only platform that’s always with you) but the new generation of smartphones are pushing the space forward in ways that seemed inconceivable even a year or two ago.

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

Warren Frey is a writer, editor, blogger and podcaster based out of Vancouver, BC. After working for six years in the Canadian broadcasting industry, he switched to print and has since covered varied assignments from plumbing conferences to star-studded film galas. But he’s never lost his love for the internet and interactive media, from his teens when he dived into the WELL on his “Woz”... more

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