#EAv Guide: How to get started the easy way on Empire Avenue (over 5,000 credits in under 15 minutes!)

by Knowlton Thomas


Empire Avenue is a fun site but the starting stages can be intimidating. How do you earn those first few bucks?

Thinking your first investment will be a penny stock gone wild is probably a mistake. Besides, you can't reap much profit off 50 shares, and that's what new users are limited to. The trick is with achievements: a handful of simple, easy achievements that earn 100 or 200 credits each will put some money in your pocket, so that you have financial wiggle room to blueprint your future empire.

Here are some of the simplest and easiest achievements for a new Empire Avenue player to earn credits from.

1. Facebookin', Blogger Extraordinaire, Tweetin' Away to Margaritaville, and Flickr of Promise.

These four achievements will earn you up to 500 credits each. All you have to do is connect your social media account to Empire Avenue. You'll want to do this anyway, because that content will appear on your feed and attract potential investors. Total credits: 1,600.

2. A Keen Interest (1 and 2).

This achieve earns you 100 credits, then 175 credits. And all you have to do is 5 (then 15) "interests" to your profile. It's easy because they can be anything. Anything! Just type it and click "add." For the very interested, 50 interests will earn you a third achievement and 300 additional credits. Total credits: 575.

3. Brand Awareness (1 and 2)

Similar to above, you simply punch in your 5, 15, even 50 favourite brands, and boom, your wallet is stuffed with eaves! Total credits: 575.

4. City/Interest Community Joined.

Just join one City community for 200 credits, and join one Interest community for another 200 credits. Again, you'd probably want to do this anyway - being rewarded is just a bonus! Total credits: 400.

5. The Unlicensed Autobiography and A Complete Person.

>It's time to get personal. Fill out your autobiography (even one word works, for the devoutly lazy) and earn a quick 100 credits. Then, fill out your profile - birthday, gender, picture, and location - for a generous 400 credits. Total credits: 500.

6. Ratings Newbie and Ratings Specialist.

>If you've ever even heard of Facebook - and let's face it, you have - you are familiar with its famous "Like" button. Well, give people's content a thumbs up or down and make money doing it! Ratings Newbie (10 ratings; 100 credits) and Ratings Specialist (100 ratings; 200 credits) are easy achievements that get you exploring the site in a good way. Total credits: 300.

By completing all of these achievements, you'll earn just under 4,000 credits. Add Empire Avenue's default Fresh Face achievement of 1,500 credits, and you have over 5,000 credits! All of these achievements can be done in just 15 to 25 minutes, too, so you've got plenty of time afterward to invest your earnings. Good luck!

Techvibes Readers: What are your favourite achievements or methods to earning a quick buck in Empire Ave?

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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