Edmonton's LoginRadius Aims To Eliminate the Online Registration Process

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Hate registering accounts online? Of course you do.

One of the downsides of the internet is that so many things require an "account"—the major, core accounts are for social networks, but myriad other sites require them, like online stores, forums, games, group-buying businesses, etc. And suddenly you have to remember 20 usernames and 20 passwords (which you never do). Wouldn't it be nice to streamline it all?

LoginRadius, born out of Edmonton, is aiming to do just this.

The startup is a software-as-a-service that enables one-click social logins into like networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to turn other online registrations instant. 

There are two main motives behind LoginRadius; First, to eliminate registration process  from end-user point of view, hence allowing users to log in without creating another username and password and second, to allow website owners to add OpenIDs/oAuths on their websites without having advance programming knowledge and studying APIs of individual ID providers.

LoginRadius, founded by Rakesh Soni, who graduated from the University of Alberta, and Deepak Gupta, lets website owners choose the ID providers and customize the look, feel, and language of the service. Now, site owners would never use this if they lost the ability to gather data about their users. Fortunately for them, LoginRadius fetches and supplies user profile data and provides it to them—nothing that you wouldn't fill out anyway; it's simply that you don't do the work. There's even an advanced social analytics tool available.

Check out the video below to see LoginRadius in action.

LoginRadius is currently in a private beta phase.

LoginRadius Inc
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

LoginRadius offers a social platform to help businesses engage, understand and market to their online users. The platform, consisting of social login, social sharing, users social data, single sign-on, social analytics and user segmentation, now serves over 120,000 businesses worldwide. LoginRadius is partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Mozilla, Google and Microsoft, to work... more

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