Empire Avenue Team Takes on Video Games with GamrCred

The team behind Edmonton's social media stock market Empire Avenue and game developer BioWare is tackling a new project.

GamrCred, dubbed the "ultimate rank in games," is an reputation measurement tool for gamers, not unlike what Klout does for social media influence. The service will also connect gamers to each other, as well as help users discover relevant new games suited to their tastes.

GamrCred will create the world’s greatest community of credible gamers. Our goal is to help you to not only find other gamers and learn, but also to find great games that others are playing or excited about. As avid gamers on console, PC, mobile and tablet, we also understand the issues of trying to identify great games that fit your interest and playing style. Hundreds of thousands of games on iTunes, the social web, console downloadables and more can make for an impossible list of great content to weed through, and every day a good game is likely being lost in the confusion. We believe we can help out by connecting you to gamers who you respect and whose opinions you can trust.

"Today marks the start of an incredibly fun journey; a journey to build the most credible community of gamers in the world that can benefit from their reputation," GamrCred says. 

The ranking system operates on a karate belt system, from white to black (and master). Ranks grow based on "play, say, and respect"—the achievements you earn in-game combined with youe social media engagement and the respect you command from peers across platforms.

The site is currently in beta on an invite-only basis.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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