Epilogger: a Canadian Startup Making Waves in the Events Industry [Exclusive Interview]

by Louis Rheaume | Startups

Epilogger is the primary destination for event attendees to engage with an event, before, during, and after, from all points of view.

People around the world are now, more than ever, sharing their lives in the public domain: experiences are tweeted, Facebooked, plus-oned, Flickered, blogged, checked-in and Linked-in. While memories live on in the web they are fragmented, can be hard to find, and in some cases, are temporary.

By capturing and consolidating these Epilogger looks to be the central online destination to view events both in real time and in archived packages. It is a valuable tool for conference organizers, marketing agencies, influencers, promotions teams, and others struggling with how to make sense of their brand efforts. Epilogger packages events into digestible time capsules, and customisable reports will feature a distilled summary so organisers can see the real impact and sentiment related to their brand.

Epilogger is one of the most promising firms at the 2012 spring cohort of FounderFuel.  They won the right to participate in CIX's Canadian Technology Accelerator, which allows the firm to pursue their work for three months at the Silicon Valley.  It is one of only three Canadian startups to participate in this prestigious program.  

Epilogger is hoping to become the next event’s go-to place, by managing a single platform in order to prove how much hype and talk the event had created.  All of that information is actually backed up and stored on their cloud server. The benefits also extend beyond planner perks to event-goers with the ability to use Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and many other photo services from one platform at an event and save the highlights.

Some of the events Epilogger has already covered are impressive: SXSW Interactive, Social Media Week, CVCA 2012 MTL Conference, TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2012, and C2-MTL.  While Epilogger is used mainly for conferences, founders aims to target all types of the $22.9 billion event industry (2012 YTD) spanning concerts, sporting events, and conferences.  According to research, 60% of photos taken by people are shared online. Most of those pictures are taken at events. And 42% of visitors to Epilogger’s website keep coming back. 

Below is an exclusive interview with the CEO of Epilogger, Michael Nussbacher.

Louis: How much money are you raising?

Epilogger: We are raising $500,000. We will know next week if we are selected for the BDC $150,000 debenture note.

Louis: Are you looking for partnerships or acquisitions?

Epilogger:  We have made some great partnerships and are open to strategic ones as we go forward.

Louis: What are the two or three things you learned that helped you the most at FounderFuel?  Have you made profound changes to your business model, like major pivot(s)?

Epilogger: Our biggest change/pivot was to make Epilogger a deep, captivating and memorable experience for consumers. To really give the events that make life great a home on our community.

Before Founderfuel we were a bit sidetracked with features that would be monetizable but that put us in the same red water as any listening/measurement tool. There was no soul in that and the value wasn’t unique. We learned that its all about the people, the people, the people.

There are no events without those who gather to attend them. We now know that the content created by the people is the true metric - if someone went through the trouble to share a piece of content and people reshare it,that tells you something qualitative that is powerful.

Louis: How do you monetize your events? Are you paid by the event for managing the solutions? Do you make money others ways like advertising, now or in the future?

Epilogger:  Our monetization is to give advanced features to organizers who create or claim their event for an easily affordable price, self-serve. Organizers can moderate content, give love to their sponsors by extending their visibility, generate instant graphic-rich reports/infographics, engage with the event, get featured on the front page of EPL, and more. We also have a unique model we are building that we will announce soon that will give brands huge value.

Edited for length and clarity.

Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Epilogger Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Epilogger aims to be the primary destination for event attendees to relive or discover what happened last night from all points of view. People around the world are now, more than ever, sharing their lives in the public domain: experiences are tweeted, Facebooked, plus-oned, Flickered, blogged, checked- and Linked- in. While memories live on in the web they are fragmented, can be hard to find,... more

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