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by Varun Mathur | Startups

How do you keep track of news on specific topics ? For example, if you are interested in what various tech VCs are saying - sure, you could subscribe to the different RSS feeds in your reader and track the updates. Or, you can do it the Eqentia way - which involves simply going to a custom portal around that topic created by Eqentia. For eg, you can go to a site like http://portal.eqentia.com/techvc where news from the world of tech VCs gets aggregated and updated automatically on the user's screen as and when data comes in. This home page displays news articles and twitter updates on the topic, alongwith various stats, which are pretty detailed and lets just say rather amazing as they even show the geographic origin of the stories and various other graphs on the news and trends. Here's a screenshot:

Toronto-based Eqentia was founded by William Mougayar, who has been in the management consulting industry for over a decade and was more recently the VP of Global Marketing at Cognizant. Previously, William also has been a writer at Business 2.0 magazine. Back in the summer of 2008, he felt the need for a customizable news platform and Eqentia was born.

Apart from offering such out-of-the-box portals on various selected topics, Eqentia's core business opportunity seems to lie in the enterprise space where organizations  / groups can configure it as an internal news dashboard on specific topics. From the corporate profile:

Eqentia’s Enterprise Platform is a rapid-deployment Software-as-a-Service solution that can be installed in matter of days. It includes the following integrated functional capabilities:

- Text Mining
- Semantic Entities
- News Aggregation
- Text Parsing
- Sources Management
- Portal Display
- Analytics
- Content Interchange

Check it out at www.eqentia.com.

Eqentia, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eqentia is a Software Service for rapidly creating highly tailored news portals. It is available on a subscription basis for pre-configured portals, or as an enterprise platform that enables the creation of private portals. more

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Varun Mathur

Varun Mathur

Varun Mathur is the Techvibes Community Manager in Toronto, focused on covering local tech startups, news and events. He is also a Co-founder and Product Manager at Zytran, a Toronto-based web startup which developed and launched Alertle.com - a personal news aggregator (Alertle's version 1.0 got widespread global coverage, with reviews written about it in various tech blogs and in over a dozen... more

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