Etelos offers shrink-wrapped SaaS options

by Karilyn Kempton

Renton, WA-based Etelos recently launched Etelos Platform Suite, which lets companies move their application to the cloud. The twist? No coding required. Etelos has offered a CRM and a marketplace for selling apps in the past, but after recently canning their CEO, founder and new CEO Danny Kolke has refocused on more (hopefully for Etelos) profitable ventures.
Etelos is responding to what their customers want, says Kolke.

"Our larger partners want the opportunity to have their own marketplaces and tools to manage distribution channels. Additionally, they have applications that they need to move to the web for implementation and scalability. The future of all software is moving to the Web for distribution, and we are proud to have Etelos powering part of that shift," Kolke says.

There are four components to the Etelos Platform Suite - the SaaS Application Platform enables tech companies to move their application or service to web-based SaaS distribution and the SaaS Marketplace Platform lets you market suites of SaaS applications and developer kits. The SaaS Distribution Platform allows tech companies and service providers sell additional SaaS/web apps to customers - distributors can purchase the marketplace and apps. The SaaS Syndication Platform lets SaaS providers distribute their app to a growing network of marketplaces.

San Mateo, California, United States

Etelos is revolutionizing the way Web-based applications are developed, distributed and consumed to empower organizations to use Web-based applications to achieve their goals. Etelos' technology for developing and deploying on-demand applications is transforming the world of software distribution. The Etelos MarketplaceTM gives developers an easy place to license, distribute and support... more

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Karilyn Kempton

Karilyn Kempton

Karilyn is a tech writer, a nerd and a ski bum. She is particularly interested in mobile innovations, and always has her hands in a few projects at a time. She will be living in Revelstoke, BC for the winter, splitting her time between skiing and writing. Send her an email at karilyn.kempton [at], check out her blog at, and stay tuned to for her... more

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