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Earlier today we announced that the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) will be holding its inaugural event in Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel.  LBMA is a Toronto-based association with plans to hold local events across North America. 

Asif Khan is the President of thie new LBMA.  We had a chance to chat about LBMA and the upcoming event.

What's your past experience in Location Based technology and marketing?

In 2008, I launched the Canadian operation for Vex, a multi-national WiFi operator with an ad-based delivery model.  WiFi by its nature is a location based technology.

Why did u decide to create the Location Based Marketing Association?

I've being working with a number of brands, agencies and media buyers and realized that their definition of Location Based Service (LBS) and my own are quite different.  Most view LBS as mobile-oriented applications like Foursquare and Gowalla.  I view location-based marketing as the intersection of all media (print, digital, out-of-home, wifi and mobile) to reach a consumer while they are in a specific place/location.

What is the mandate of Location Based Marketing Association?

Education, Research and Collaborative Innovation.  We will have events with relevant content and case studies to educate our membership on the latest application around mobile and integrated LBS.  Second, we will work with leading research firms to sponsor research studies to serve the market.  Lastly, the events will be representative of our broad (multi-media) membership.  How do you get a guy from Foursquare in the same room as a guy from Pattison or Clear Channel?

What can attendees expect to learn at the October event?

The October event will briefly talk to our mandate and mission and then move quickly into real application of our message through Ian Schafer's keynote presentation.  His company Deep Focus has recently applied LBS around the World Cup and is the agency behind AMC's Mad Men.  They have a lot of good information to share.

There will also be a panel discussion with representatives form the various disciples discussing the integration opportunities.

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