Fantasy is reality: tips, tricks and tools to get the most out of your fantasy hockey team

by Liam Britten

Since we’ve already gone over why fantasy hockey is so great, how about a few tips and tools to help you in your upcoming fantasy draft? Here are a few to get you to the top of your league’s leader board.

  • This Victoria-based start-up has great functions for tracking all kinds of stats from a bunch of different leagues; NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA basketball and football are all there, along with stats dating back to 2005. Unfortunately, they’re switching to a paid membership system on November 1, but they will have free options available. It might be best to register for this service quickly though, because who knows how much functionality the free accounts will retain in November!
  • Yahoo! Fantasy Sports: Even if you don’t use Yahoo! to manage your draft or your league at all, the site has tons of valuable information. The experts they have giving advice are often on the money, and perhaps most valuable of all, they provide free access to’s often-prophetic draft kits, which are updated daily until the start of the regular season.
  • MyFantasyTeams App: This ingenious little app only works for Yahoo! fantasy leagues at present, but it’s a great way to update and view your fantasy scores right from your phone. Now you can obsessively edit your squad without even getting to a computer.
  • Like Yahoo!, DobberHockey has plenty of articles and insight about how best to manage your team. But perhaps best of all are the unique tools found on the website, especially the Line Combinations tool. Let’s say you’re late in your league’s draft order, and you’ve missed out on the Ovechkins, the Crosbys and such. If you want to steal some production from those guys without owning them yourself, draft their line mates and hope that the superstar’s success will rub off on their wingmen. Suddenly Chris Kunitz isn’t such a bad pick after all.
  • While you’ll certainly get more and better insight elsewhere, has a good website for ranking players based on unusual stats, like hits, blocked shots, etc. If your pool is using an unusual scoring system, has all the info you need to know about these obscure numbers.
  • Printing out an old-school cheat sheet: Even in this modern world of computers and the Internet and Lady Gaga, I still find it comforting and even intuitive to have a printed out list of players organized by my personal draft ranking. Watching the players go to other teams, crossing their names off and making plans for who to take next accordingly is a very tactile, and for my money, easy way to get more of the players you want in the draft.
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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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