Vivity Labs Launches Fit Brains Trainer Mobile App to Give Your Mind a Workout on the Go


Vancouver-based Fit Brains, owned by Vivity Labs, has launched a Trainer app for iOS. The app delivers a cognitive training experience to the iPhone and iPad in a gamified manner.

The so-called "workout" is scientifically designed by award-winning neuorscientist Dr. Paul Nussbaum, who lends to the app's authenticity—and helps explain why Fit Brains games have been played an impressive 75 million times.

"The Fit Brains Trainer focuses on building the brain reserve, and a strong reserve is believed to delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease," says Dr. Nussbaum. "Maintaining the health and development of the human brain is absolutely critical, so everyone from children to adults can benefit from the Fit Brains Trainer."

The Fit Brains Trainer is a complete brain training system consisting of a collection of fun brain games that tie into the Fit Brains scoring and tracking system. This adaptive learning system automatically scales each game to match a user's level to deliver the appropriate challenge in each of the five cognitive areas. In addition, performance tools allow players to visualize their strengths and weaknesses, while also providing community comparisons based on gender and age.

"Our goal was to build a high-quality brain training app that married education and health with the best of gaming," Michael Cole, CEO of Fit Brains, explained. "Our unique mobile adaptive learning system provides a personalized brain workout to anyone, anywhere."
Vivity Labs is convinced that mobile is the perfect platform for brain training as it allows users to engage in 10 to 15 minute workouts while taking public transit to work or just lounging on a couch at home. The brain training market is estimated to grow to $6 billion within five years, according to recent reports.

Fit Brains Trainer is free to download and includes complimentary training sessions to get started, but for full access, a minimum three-month membership is required. Fortunately, membership is pretty cheap: you can gain full access for as less than one dollar per month.

Vivity Labs
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vivity Labs is a company focused on delivering unique and entertaining brain fitness products. Our first product is Fit Brains, an online platform ( featuring fun and engaging games that exercise the five key cognitive areas of the brain. The games offer a variety of activities that help users of all ages maximize and round-out brain skills in an entertaining fashion. The... more

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