Canadian Startup Brandtree Makes it Easier to Find What You Want and What's Good for You

by John Gray | Startups

There’s no shortage of companies who care.

There’s people running businesses making sustainable products, using sustainable practices, and who are extending profit through their entire supply chain. There are people running businesses that are growing food and making food that’s healthier for us too. There are more consumers wanting to buy sustainable products, as well as fresher, natural and healthier foods.

The challenge is connecting the people who make good things with the people who want those good things. 

Vancouver’s Brandtree is taking on that challenge and connecting brands with mobile customers. They are working with some really amazing values-driven brands. Brands like Certified Humane, who is leading the effort to improve the lives of farm animals.

To complement their website locator, they announced the release of a mobile application: “with over 7,000 supermarkets across North America selling products that are Certified Humane consumers should be able to find products wherever they are,” said Adele Douglass, HFAC Founder and CEO. “This tool connects consumers and businesses by providing consumers with what they have been asking us for, 'at-their-fingertips access' and rewards retailers who carry Certified Humane products with more business."

Then there’s Chicago-based SkinnyPop Popcorn, who in less than two years has seen their healthy and totally delicious snack find a way onto the shelves of over 14,000 US retail locations. The great news is that SkinnyPop is now finding its way into Canada too. Using their Brandtree product locator (mobile; visit from a mobile browser and Facebook), you’ll have an easier time adding some SkinnyPop popcorn to your next home movie night.

Adding further to Brandtree’s recent positive traction is Native Shoes, who is in the business of making eco-friendly and extremely cool shoes. They were happy reporting that the dealer locator page has become one of the most viewed areas on their website.

Brandtree is focused squarely on helping premium brands grow sales, streamline their marketing efforts and deliver actionable insights from their embeddable software. Many brands already have some version of a store locator on their website, but it’s often buried a few links down and not optimized for the mobile user.

"Brands are beginning to recognize that all customers are mobile," says Brandtree cofounder Anthony Nicalo, "and brands need to quit missing the opportunity to drive sales in physical stores.” From the mobile web and corporate website to iPhone/Android apps and Facebook applications, Brandtree is making it easier to connect shoppers with products they can care about.

Brandtree has come a long way from it's Bootup Lab days, where it was originally cast as Foodtree, a destination website for consumers to learn more about food.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Brandtree makes it easy for brands to connect with mobile customers. Next generation, mobile first software as a service for store, brand and product locator marketing. Location-aware for mobile browsers, Facebook and websites. more

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John Gray

John Gray

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