Made in Canada: Forging Canadian Identity with New Technology

by Emily Taylor | Technology

How do you connect a sea of people across time, space and cultural differences?

Canadians have used technology to conquer this challenge since our country's inception.

Technologies ranging from railways to the Internet have been used by Canadians to form a collective identity that stretches from coast to coast, and bridges the distance across thousands of miles. On July 1st at Canada Place in Vancouver, thousands of Canada Day attendees used three of the latest technologies developed by Canadian companies to connect, interact and celebrate our country's 146th birthday.

Amongst the excitement and chaos at Canada Place, participants stayed organized and connected with the day’s many activities by using Xomo Mobile's PortMetroVan app. They tracked locations, created their own schedules of activities and shared them with other event participants.

During the evening fireworks, thousands of app users listened to the same synchronized soundtrack of Canadian songs on their own personal devices, sharing the musical and visual experience of the night's pinnacle performance in real time from their unique vantage point.

These same excited Canada Day participants shared their Canadian pride on social media by hashtagging and mentioning Canada and Canada Place during the event. Organizers were able to track, manage, and schedule responses to the millions of posts about the event with the help of Hootsuite, making the event much more interactive and manageable.

Whether or not they visited Canada Place, Canadians across the country and throughout the world were able to catch a glimpse of the festivities in Vancouver from a single site - The Canada Place Stream by Tradable Bits. The best photos and comments about Canada Day were aggregated from every major social media network and then displayed in real-time on mobile, desktop and up on the big screen at Canada Place, connecting tens of thousands of digital Canadians with those at the Canada Day celebrations. Participants shared their personal thoughts and feelings about what they felt it meant to be Canadian, and by watching them appear on the Canada Day Stream page, became a shared part of this interactive and visual event experience.

With such diverse experiences and the sheer enormity of our country's landscape, Canadians have employed the latest technology to forge a cohesive identity that conquers time, space and cultural differences. Canada Day celebrates identity, and there's no better way to honour our unique heritage than by using new technologies developed by Canadian companies to connect proud citizens with each other across our native land.

To view a showcase of all Canada Day celebrations across the entire country from all social networks, check out the Canada Stream.

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Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor

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