FounderFuel Teams up with Global Accelerators for International Demo Day

by Joseph Czikk | Startups

Several FounderFuel teams will pitch at the International Demo Day next week in San Francisco along side startups from two other accelerator programs in Australia and Europe.

The event on May 1 is the first of its kind, and is jointly organized by FounderFuel, Sydney-based StartMate and London-based Seedcamp.

For FounderFuel no teams in their current cohort will be participating, but rather past graduates such as InfoActive, My Customizer, Epilogger and OOHLALA, with a fifth team to be confirmed later. In total, 15 early-stage startups will present their companies to roughly 60 investors.

Accelerator programs routinely brand themselves as internationally focused but the line representing what actually constitutes “international” can often be blurred. FounderFuel, it appears, is walking the walk with this new initiative.

“I think they’ve done a lot to try and bridge the gap between Montreal and San Francisco,” said Trina Chiasson, CEO of InfoActive. “They’ve been doing a lot of work to make sure that the companies that come out of FounderFuel don’t just have access to the Canadian market but also the broader international market.”

FounderFuel general manager Ian Jeffrey said Silicon Valley remains the nucleus of all things startup, but entrepreneurial ecosystems are cropping up all over the world. Thus, he said, “International programs like ours need to go that extra mile to showcase our teams, hence the idea of launching International Demo Day.”

The Notman House-based accelerator program is consistency maintaining their rapport with alumni teams. Once those teams have given up their nine percent they’re not left to fend for themselves. Rather, a network of nearly 100 graduates and mentors around the world continue to support each other, said Jeffrey.

“The FounderFuel program isn't just about the 12-week session in Montreal,” he said. “Not only do we continue to work with the teams post graduation, but we're building a network that will serve the entrepreneurs forever.”

Chiasson agrees. InfoActive was part of FounderFuel’s most recent cohort of fall 2012. “I think they’ve done a good job of really making sure that it’s a relationship they’re building over time rather than something that they do for a few months and set it aside,” she told Techvibes.

Australia’s StartMate will be showcasing BugCrowd, Edrolo, Goodcall, Kinderloop, and Shiftr Simply. The program is made up of a group of startup executives offering mentorship and seed financing to technical founders. Meanwhile London’s Seedcamp will be showcasing Blossom, CrowdProcess, Codeship, Maily and Qamine.

While FounderFuel’s Demo Day in Montreal regularly brings over 800 investors, industry leaders and bloggers, the International Demo Day will be strictly focused on investors. The attendance will likely grow in future years according to Jeffrey, but only with more investors.a

Montréal, Québec, Canada

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