Founder's Co-Op Encouraging Seattle Applications

Seattle-based Founder's Co-op is encouraging Seattle-based startups to apply for up to $250,000 in early-stage funding.
A community of early-stage entrepreneurs themselves, Founder's Co-op investors include Neil Patel, an internet marketing consultant actively promoting the application process on his blog.
The Founder's Co-op invests in small, efficient teams offering software or web-based services. The Founder's Co-op recently raised $1.8 million from sucessful entrepreneurs, and are looking to dole it out to startups either based in or moving to Seattle.

"We believe founders form a natural community an actively foster that community to reduce risk and add fun for everyone."

Founder's Co-op
Seattle, Washington, United States

Founders Co-op is a seed-stage investment fund based in Seattle. We've pooled the resources and expertise of more than a dozen successful entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to make bets on smart people with great ideas. Our specific focus is on niche opportunities that require limited capital to demonstrate market traction and generate meaningful revenue. Most of the companies we back use... more

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Karilyn Kempton

Karilyn Kempton

Karilyn is a tech writer, a nerd and a ski bum. She is particularly interested in mobile innovations, and always has her hands in a few projects at a time. She will be living in Revelstoke, BC for the winter, splitting her time between skiing and writing. Send her an email at karilyn.kempton [at], check out her blog at, and stay tuned to for her... more

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