Future Shop and Richmond BOE team up for new initiative

by Warren Frey

Computers permeate every facet of our daily lives, and it’s obvious this trend will not only continue but accelerate in future. But our educational system’s structure harkens back to a time when kids had to leave school to tend to the fields, or if they were technically-minded they might secure work in a factory.

But that’s a paradigm that’s completely out of date. Today’s youth is far more likely to either have a job in an office or even work for themselves out of their laptop. And the Richmond Board of Education has recognized this new environment by partnering with Future Shop to create the Future Generation Tech Lab program. Established in April 2009, the fund contributes $50,000 in donations to selected schools to upgrade from standard classrooms into technology centres for kids. 

“We have the ability to help provide digital tools to schools to inspire motivate, and empower secondary students across Canada,” said Todd Empey, vice-president, operations, Future Shop. “The Future Generation Tech Lab program is designed to give schools the modern technology required to deliver enriched learning environments for our youth,” he said. 

R.C. Palmer Secondary School is the first recipient, and will launch a multimedia lab that offers Music Composition and Broadcasting programs. Richmond’s Virtual School will also find a permanent home in the lab, expanding its offerings for District students.

Future Shop
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

In 30 years, Future Shop has grown from a “one store operation” located in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Canada’s largest retailer and e-tailer of consumer electronics with over 131 stores from coast to coast. Established in 1982, Future Shop’s first store was located in Vancouver, British Columbia and showcased 4,000 square feet of the latest consumer electronics products. During the late... more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

Warren Frey is a writer, editor, blogger and podcaster based out of Vancouver, BC. After working for six years in the Canadian broadcasting industry, he switched to print and has since covered varied assignments from plumbing conferences to star-studded film galas. But he’s never lost his love for the internet and interactive media, from his teens when he dived into the WELL on his “Woz”... more

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