Get Tipsy At Work With Binary Dawn’s Giggle Water Game

Binary Dawn InteractiveNewfoundland’s own Binary Dawn Interactive indie game studio is releasing their newest creation, Giggle Water, today on the iTunes App Store.

The game is tilt-based, and involves pouring drinks for a 2D cut-out character named Alfie.  Set in the “roaring 20s”, and meant to replicate the speakeasies of the time, the app plays ragtime music while you pour “exotic” drinks for Alfie to consume.

Binary Dawn have been around since 2009, and Giggle Water is their third iPhone app, and their first to run on the iPad.  Using open-source software, founders Roddie Kieley and Robin Guy have been applying their decades of combined experience to create their games.

Kieley is proud of their product. “We really worked hard to deliver a good-natured, entertaining app that takes full advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer in a humorous way.  We developed a fun physics-based control system and we really hope users will be in high spirits after playing a few rounds!”

The game is a universal app, meaning it will run on the iPhone and the iPad, and supports the Retina Display of the iPhone 4.  The price of the game is $0.99 on the iTunes App Store, but there is an ad-supported free version as well, called Giggle Water: On the House.  More information on the game and its release here [link].

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Stephen Christensen

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