Global TV and Toronto's mDialog collaborate to monetize iPad app through targeted ads

Shaw Media's Global TV has chosen Toronto-based mDialog to power advertising content on its new iPad video app. mDialog, a provider of in-stream video and rich media ad technology on iOS devices will allow the Global TV network will monetize its iPad programming with targeted, dynamic video ads.

What mDialog enables Global TV to do is insert ads that cannot be skipped by viewers, and that are even more targeted than standard television ads, through the company's in-depth analysis tools—ultimately allowing Global's iPad app to generate real advertising revenue. Ads will be impressively customized toward each individual viewer, according to mDialog. And for mDialog, this large-scale test will surely establish the company's prowess: Global TV is a huge network, and the wildly popular iPad is a significant tool to deliver the network's content.

“We are extremely pleased that Global TV selected mDialog as their in-stream video ad platform solution for their iPad app,” said Greg Philpott, president of mDialog. “Global TV will bring the ad supported network TV model to a huge audience of iPad viewers, providing them with premium content fully monetized via highly targeted advertising.”

As tablets became a major distribution platform for rich media content, advertising will become an increasingly serious and lucrative business for companies like mDialog, who can take advantage of networks' need to monetize apps, which will remain a dominant force in the rapidly growing mobile space through 2011 and beyond.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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