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by Greg Andrews | Culture

After a historically short election campaign, Canadians head to the polls today. If you're unsure of where to vote, Elections Canada's site can help you out.

While there are restrictions on media outlets reporting results before the West Coast polls have closed, there are no such restrictions on the Internet. The web, blogs and Twitter will be ahead of the curve. Certainly every Canadian news outlet will have web coverage and streaming video, but I'm most interested by those that are trying to push it further. Global BC will be liveblogging their election coverage using CoverItLive, a web app out of Toronto. CoverItLive makes liveblogging easier for bloggers with an interface streamlined to the task, and more engaging for readers who can comment and interact with the blogger live.

Meanwhile, CBC has a video talking about the use of Twitter by candidates, including an interview with Patrick McGurk, aka FakeSteveHarper.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Since its release in late 2007, CoveritLive has been used by thousands of writers to engage millions of readers around the world. It has been well received by traditional bloggers as well as those in mainstream media. Our users are finding millions of usage occasions from niche events like chess tournaments in Germany or local elections in London, to marquee events like the NFL draft and... more

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Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

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