GoForLegends connects fans with their teams, even across continents

by Liam Britten | Startups

I’m what you call a “displaced fan;” as much as it pains me to say it, I don’t root for the hometown Vancouver Canucks. I’m a Pittsburgh Penguins fan through and through, so the Canucks don’t get the adulation from me they way they get it from most Vancouverites — unless, of course, the ‘Nucks are playing the Flyers. Damn, I hate the Flyers.

But this presents a problem for me; how the heck am I going to go watch a Penguins game live? They only come to Vancouver once every second year or so, and Pittsburgh’s a long way away; even if you can get a flight out there, you usually have to change planes several times, making it an expensive and time-consuming proposition.

Enter GoForLegends; this Montreal company focuses on travel to sporting and cultural events. Started in 2009, the company was self-financed to begin with, but is seeking further financing. Next Montreal has an interview with co-founder Gary Ravaz:

NextMontreal: What is GoForLegends.com?

Gary: Our mission is to offer Internet users who are passionate about travel a one-stop international shop that brings together a wide range of information on travel, sports and culture, supporting exchanges among a community of users, and offering a quick and easy way to organize an activity or trip through the purchase of tickets for travel, events and related services. We also offer our services through an iPhone app GoForLegends including geo-localisation of users.

NextMontreal: Why did you start it?

Gary: I’m passionate about travel and sports, especially team sports. Awhile ago, I remember I wanted to attend a soccer game when I had to go to Paris, and I just couldn’t find the right information quickly enough: I had to browse at least 10 different websites! That’s how I formed the big idea of an online one-stop-shop offering the required information (info on sporting events, cultural activities, tickets, etc.) for a legendary weekend trip!

Career-wise, it was just the right moment to launch my own business, after spending 10 years working on major accounts. I love managing all the different aspects of a company.

NextMontreal: How do you make money?

Gary: GoForLegends.com revenues will essentially come from 2 main sources:

1.       White label cobranded and B2B solutions (monthly license fees and rev share on sales tickets)

2.       Through the GoForLegends website: advertising (display ads and contextual links), and commissions on the online sale of trips (partnership with Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, etc.) as well as on the sale of tickets to sporting events (partnerships with TicketsNow, CheapTickets, Stubhub, etc.)

GoForLegends is a great idea, especially for fans of Canadian teams. Think about it this way: why spend hundreds of dollars to go to one game in Vancouver, when you could fly down to Phoenix and watch a couple of games for a similar price?

You can check out GoForLegends here.

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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