Google+ cracks 40 million users; membership up 30% since going public

Unofficial Google+ statistian Paul Allen, who has been tracking the social network's numbers since its inception, has suggested that Google+ is now at about 43 million users, marking an impressive 30% growth spurt since the software company's social platform went public.

Google+ became public on September 20th and saw an immediate spike in user signups. Paul believes there were roughly 29 million users on September 9, a number that swelled to 38 million last Thursday morning, just two days after the public launch.

Google hasn't released any public stats around its social network so Paul's numbers are the most reputable available. His analytics reveal Google's growth trajectory: just under 2 million users in its first week, more than double that a week later, and more than quadruple that less than two weeks later. It crushed Facebook and Twitter's growth but then waned a bit. The public launch appears to have set it back on course.

Facebook boasts more than 800 million users, and Twitter and LinkedIn each have well over 200 million.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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