Google Glass Slips into Mainstream as Company Drops 'Project' from Name

by Tom Emrich

Google has dropped the word “Project” from their Twitter and Google+ pages for Google Glass and are now simply referring to Glass as "Google Glass."

Although they are downplaying the change, it marks a significant shift of Glass from an experiment that started more than a year ago to more of a mainstream reality leading up to a consumer launch just "months away."

The page updated rolled out at the end of the day yesterday with Google posting the following message on Google+:

When we created this page more than a year ago, we chose “Project” to recognize that we were all exploring something new. Back then, the Glass Explorer Edition was still just a hope and a dream. Now we have Explorers with their very own Glass dreaming and exploring with us. While we're still many months away from a wider consumer launch, we’re updating our page name to reflect where we are today.

The change comes just after Google confirmed they were nearly done rolling out Glass to many of their invitees earlier this month and just after the release of the XE7 software update which brought web browsing, search improvements and more voice commands to the device. 

According to TechCrunch, Google is estimated to have nearly 10,000 Glass devices out in the wild with 2,000 of these issued to developers and the remaining 8,000 on the heads of early adopters who are called Google Glass Explorers.

In talking with some of the Explorers here in Canada, it is thought that there are only about ten pairs of Glass north of the border with most of these devices in Toronto and Vancouver.

As one of the Google Glass Explorers, this name change symbolizes a passing of the torch. As the project ends for Google, it now lives with the Explorers themselves as we continue the experiment by using Glass throughout our everyday lives. I’ll be documenting my own experience with Glass over the next week here on Techvibes to help give you a glimpse as to what it feels to be living through Glass in Canada at work, home and play. So far I have been blown away by the technology and also the community that Google has created around the Explorer Program.

You can follow Google Glass on Twitter now under the handle @GoogleGlass or on Google+ using +GoogleGlass.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Tom Emrich

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