Google Street View Enters Nunavut, Brings Arctic To The Masses

by Stephen Christensen

The tiny hamlet of Cambridge Bay will soon become the very first bit of Nunavut to be added to the Google Street View Project.  A tricycle, equipped with seven cameras in order to form a 360 degree panorama, is being biked through the streets of Cambridge Bay this summer. 

Google Street View tricycles have never been used above the 60th parallel, making this a first for both Cambridge Bay and Google.

According to CBCNews, Google had been invited to the community by local cartographer Chris Kullak.  Kullak told the CBC, "For us, it's like inviting people to our home, and also when there's people abroad from Cambridge Bay or Nunavut in the future they can show their friends what their home looks like and what their house is like."

Mapping the Cambridge Bay is more a cultural endeavor than simply making better driving directions.  By placing the photos on Google Street View, the community is opened up to the world.  Whether the images create more tourism, or simply shows the curious how others live, the sociological aspect cannot be ignored.

“There's life up here; there's activity happening up here,” says Harry Maksagak. “This will certainly make people realize that there are communities that are way up there and they're doing exactly what we're doing."

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Stephen Christensen

Stephen Christensen

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