Guess What? Facebook and Twitter Are Both Better Than LinkedIn at Finding You a Job

LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network, seems like the perfect place to job hunt. Profiles feature resumes, employable skills, references, and it's easy to search for people by company and rank.

So who'd have thought that Twitter, the microblogging real-time information network, and Facebook, the place where you do stupid $#!% and get fired, are both better than LinkedIn at landing you a job?

A new Jobvite study reveals that 16% of Americans got their most recent job because of social media—and of those people, 78% credited Facebook, 42% credited Twitter, and 40% credited LinkedIn.

86% of job seekers have at least one social media profile and 31% have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And more job seekers than ever are turning to social media to find their next opportunity.

Facebook has the highest volume of job seeking activity overall, with more people receiving job referrals, updating profiles and making new professional connections. But more than one-third of job seekers that have a Facebook profile don't use it in any way to look for work. On the other hand, nearly all job seekers with a profile on LinkedIn and almost three-quarters of those on Twitter leverage their networks for job hunting.

Job Seeking on Facebook:

48% of all job seekers (63% of those with a profile) have done at least one social job hunting activity on Facebook in the last year. One in five job seekers added professional information to their Facebook profile in the past year. 16% received a job referral from a Facebook friend. 18.4 Million Americans credit Facebook as a source that led to their current job. 56% of Facebook-using job seekers are male, 64% are under the age of 40, 36% earn more than $75,000 and 42% are college graduates.

Job Seeking on LinkedIn:

26% of all job seekers (88% of those with a profile) have used LinkedIn to hunt for work in the past year. 15% have updated LinkedIn with professional information. 9% received a job referral from a LinkedIn contact. 10.2 Million Americans credit LinkedIn as a source that led to their current job. 69% of LinkedIn-using job seekers are male, 53% are under the age of 40, 54% earn more than $75,000 and 58% are college graduates.

Job Seeking on Twitter:

23% of all job seekers (71% of those with a profile) have leveraged Twitter in their job hunt. 8% have updated Twitter with professional information. 6% received a job referral through Twitter. 8 Million Americans credit Twitter as a source that led to their current job 65% of Twitter-using job seekers are male, 69% are under the age of 40, 48% earn more than $75,000 and 49% are college graduates.

Job hunting success rose when job seekers were "super social," defined as having more than 150 contacts on any single network. 41% of job seekers are super social on at least one network and get better results than their less social counterparts. 37% of all job seekers are "super social" on Facebook, 10% on LinkedIn and 11% on Twitter. 58% of LinkedIn's super social job seekers updated their profiles with professional information, 35% of Facebook's and 35% of Twitter's. 43% of LinkedIn's super social job seekers received a job referral on the network, 32% of Twitter's and 25% of Facebook's. 51% of all super socials are male, 62% are under the age of 40, 42% earn more than $75,000 annually and 40% have a college degree.

"Our new national survey shows that socially savvy job seekers have an advantage over their fellow job hunters and it's paying off," said Dan Finnigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite. "While referrals are still the top source of new jobs, online social networks play an increasingly important role in job hunting today. The job referrals happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter benefit employers, job seekers and the economy overall."

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